Shower Replacement

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The shower unit is the most important feature of any bathroom but for so many reasons showers may need to be replaced or serviced sometimes sooner than expected due to poor installation or poor quality product choice in the first place.

Shower Solutions provided me with a professional, fast and efficient way to upgrade my bathrooms without spending a fortune.

Is your shower unit leaking? Is your shower base cracked or spongy under foot? Are your shower screens worn out? Or do you just want your old grimy shower replaced and a modern clean shower unit installed to modernise your bathroom and totally enhance your showers performance.

Shower Solutions offers a professional shower replacement service around Auckland city. We provide a prompt and very competitive shower replacement service using our own high quality shower products and our own professional installers. We have an extremely wide range of acrylic shower units with various shower door options to suit almost any requirement.

All of the following issues are common complaints and if leaking showers are not fixed water damage will quickly lead to rotting timber in the walls and floor of your home. Poor quality product choice or installation is a common finding so it is critical that expert installers and quality products are employed when the replacement is carried out.

My neighbours have been in to see the workmanship and have already asked for contact details. Can’t recommend Shower Solutions enough.

Common Shower Problems


The images below is from a recent job in Mt Wellington. The customer previously commissioned work for his shower from a cheap contractor. The contractor did not put proper waterproofing which has caused the walls to rot. We had to rebuild the walls prior to installing a new tiled shower.

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